Sun Youth and the spirit of giving during difficult times

Joseph Munro

While this pandemic has caused illness and financial difficulties for thousands, it has also revealed an exceptional surge of solidarity.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have provided over 10,000 people with food. This feat could not have been accomplished without the help and dedication of brave and committed people: the organization’s employees and volunteers who maintain the organization’s emergency services with great diligence and generous donors who, either by giving money or food directly, make sure none are left behind.

Recently, Sun Youth received the help of former Habs star P.K. Subban and his fiancée, World Cup champ and Olympian Lyndsey Vonn, who partnered with Beyond Meat and Subway Canada to donate hundreds of subs to Sun Youth. Thanks to the generosity of the P.K. Subban Foundation, the delicious sandwiches were picked up by the Sun Youth team and, along with the organization’s regular daily deliveries of groceries and fresh produce, brought to families in need throughout Montreal. P.K. and Lindsey also sent a personal message on their social media platforms to Sun Youth’s staff and volunteers, adding their rallying support for all front-line workers during this difficult time.

Now more than ever, Sun Youth needs continual support. The organization invites you to make online donations by visiting Donations will be used to purchase food as well as necessities for babies and toddler. They will also help support a large senior community with necessities such as food, personal products and non-contact communication. They will keep people safe, fed and as healthy as possible for the difficult months ahead.

For donations of food, hygienic products, baby products and other essentials, call 514 842-6822.

When donating at, you might notice that the Sun Youth site has undergone a makeover. “The new site is steeped in the colours of the coming summer,” says Ann St Arnaud, Director of the Communications and Emergency Services Department. « These colours warm our hearts in these dark times. They speak of a better future with our friends and family, a tomorrow where we can once again be together. The drawings by children illustrate the potential of creativity and imagination in each of us, essential to find new solutions in a world that has become complex. The chain of individuals represents us and reminds us of the importance of unity in accomplishing great things. The sun, the symbol of our organization, brings warmth and light to those who need a boost of hope in these trying times. This new campaign is one of hope in the form of a smile.”

When making your donation, you will be given the option of writing a message on the Wall of Hope. Sun Youth invites everyone to read the messages of other donors: some have chosen to speak to emergency services teams, others to Quebec front-line workers, while others have addressed their messages to the public: the messages carry hope and optimism and restore our strength in these difficult times.

We continue to offer emergency services such as our food bank, medication program, and fire program. Special protocols have been put in place to avoid propagation of the virus. Due to the high number of calls, we encourage you to write to to book an appointment with our Emergency Services. If you do not have email, call 514-842-1214.

During this crisis, all our combined efforts will make us a stronger community and hopefully save lives. Take care.

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