Words to The Senior Times from the heart of the newsroom

Image appeared in The Senior Times in the 1980s.Image appeared in The Senior Times in the 1980s.

Please click here for stories and remembrances from The Senior Times newsroom as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

From Jacquie Soloway Cons:

The Senior Times holds a very special place in my heart.

As a 23-year-old I started working there. It was November of 1986. I started one month after the first issue hit the stands. Barbara and I formed not only a great professional relationship but also became fast friends. I enjoyed seeing her daughters, Amy and Molly, then 7 and 5, come to the office to “help.” Thirty years later they are accomplished professionals living in California. Back in the 1980s, Barbara and I (her then and now Advertising Sales Manager) used to work like crazy at deadline down at our typesetter sometimes until the wee hours. We were determined to put out a beautiful, professional and quality newspaper. Barbara used to say that after the paper was printed each month, she felt like she had just given birth. I agreed although I had not yet actually given birth.

We had a great sales and editorial staff in those days. I loved every second of it. Barbara and I worked closely every month trying to improve each issue. There were  many incredible articles in health, finance, travel, food and entertainment. We always put in only ads that were ethical and not misleading.

I worked at Senior Times from 1986 until 1992 and returned in 2006. Currently we have a loyal and devoted sales and editorial team I really enjoy working with. The Senior Times is a very special newspaper and is always in my heart. I am so proud to have been a part of it for all these years. I wish us much success and many more years of bringing out the issues.

From Thelma Gearey:

All dreams have a beginning.

In 1986 you had the idea of starting a newspaper for seniors and The Senior Times was born.

Years ago when I was taking courses at Dawson College, I had you as a teacher. Later you gave me the opportunity of working for your newspaper. Over the years the experience of working with a great team and the positive feedback from our readers and clients made me feel very proud to be part of The Senior Times. There has always been a need and demand for our monthly issues, directories, housing issues and informative articles.

Barbara, your creativity and  determination are highly recognized. Congratulations on The Senior Times, an awesome and outstanding achievement.

Happy 30th Birthday! Let’s celebrate!

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