Their music makes movies live on

For their October 2 presentation at Maison symphonique, the FILMHarmonic Orchestra, composed for the occasion of 35 professional musicians, will be under the direction of the talented young conductor Francis Choinière. FILMHarmonic was founded by Denis Chabot who is also its co-artistic director. The Ensemble is specialized in the presentation of film music that has made history while also researching creativity in the selection of the repertoire chosen to appeal to its public.

The program features 14 films all labelled « extraordinary » worldwide such as Schindler’s List, Cinema Paradiso, Downton Abbey, and Gladiator. Three films will offer a very special soundtrack: « Platoon » with Barber’s Adagio for Strings, « Death in Venice » featuring Mahler’s Adagietto, and «Somewhere in Time» with its Rhapsody on a Theme of Rachmaninov.

The objective of the FILMHarmonic is to attract the existing public for this type of musical performance and to develop a new inclusive audience of classical concert-goers across Canada. We, at GFN Productions, are confident the October 2 program will do just that.

Place des Arts, Maison symphonique
October 2 – 4 pm and 7h30 pm

Place des Arts 514 842-2112

Media: Claudette Dionne 514-844-5500

Listen to the orchestra at:

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