The many transformations of historic Château Pierrefonds

In 1902, Joseph-Adolphe Chauret, a notary, built a large residence in Sainte-Geneviève de Pierrefonds. It replicated the Pierrefonds Castle in Picardie, France.

In 1940, Louis-Pierre Lemonnier bought the home and converted it to a pastry shop. In 1960, Paoline Potvin-White transformed it to a pediatric centre and nursing school.

In 1987, while looking for a home to place his aging parents, Alfred Laplante bought the residence and converted it to a senior residence  with 17 rooms. In 1991, Laplante built an extension and increased its capacity to 55 rooms.

On a cold winter night in February, 1993, a massive fire destroyed the residence. The Château Pierrefonds was rebuilt, respecting its original appearance. A year later, along with his daughter Monique, Alfred Laplante proudly re-opened the Château Pierrefonds with 63 rooms.

Laplante was killed in a plane crash on a fishing trip in Labrador. The Château Pierrefonds has continued under the direction of Monique and Pierre Laplante, Afred’s children.

In 2004, the residence was awarded two “Roses d’Or” by FADOQ. IN 2007, it became the first to be certified in Quebec and in 2012, was awarded five seals for the “Qualité Logi-être” program, the highest distinction given in this program.

The residence now has 118 rooms and is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Among memorable anecdotes: In 1992, two residents married, and in 2004, a television show was filmed at the residence.

Source: Château Pierrefonds

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