Sun Youth set to buy its building

For 62 years, Sun Youth has offered help to people who need it. Sun Youth started out in the Plateau Mont-Royal borough in the back of a shoe store on Saint-Cuthbert Street.

Co-founders Earl De La Perralle and Sid Stevens paired up with a few other kids in the neighborhood to organize sports teams, funding their humble dream by renting out a local hand-written newspaper called The Clark Street Sun for 2 cents a copy.

Fast forward six decades to the amazing evolution from a local newspaper to one of the biggest charities in the city as Sid and Earl focus on the next chapter. The organization is finally looking to purchase the building in which it resides, on Saint-Urbain in the old Baron Byng high school building. After years of negotiations, the Commission Scolaire de Montréal has agreed to sell them the building. To raise enough money to buy the building and modernize it, Sun Youth will undertake a five-year capital campaign to raise at least $10 million. For Sid and Earl, it represents the legacy they want to leave the community and a way to ensure that Sun Youth will survive long after they are gone.

As Sun Youth is a registered charity, almost all of its income comes from private and corporate donors. We will be looking for renewed community support in the coming years so that the organization can take the next step in its evolution.

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