Sun Youth pays tribute to their co-founder Earl De La Perralle

Earl de la Perralle (left) with Sid Stevens.Earl de la Perralle (left) with Sid Stevens.

It is with great sadness that Sun Youth learned that Earl De La Perralle died June 19. Beloved husband, devoted father and grandfather, he will be remembered as the co-founder of Sun Youth and one of the most influential people in the development of amateur sports, especially football.

In 1954 at age 9 along with Sid Stevens, then 13, he co-founded a group who wanted to help inner city youths and in doing so, improved neighbourhood life. Originally the Clark Street Sun, a handwritten community newspaper from which profits were used to finance the group’s activities, it is known today as Sun Youth Organization.

As Executive Director, he was instrumental in the creation and the growth of the organization, which helps thousands of people every year. Through the sports programs at Sun Youth, he positively affected the lives of young Montrealers by focusing on the development of personal responsibility, education and making sure that every kid is able to play the sports they love. Earl always emphasized the value of gaining an education through sport, moving on to university and gaining the skills to be successful.

Sun Youth wishes to express its deepest condolences to Earl’s family and friends.

He will forever be remembered as someone who truly loved life and made sure everyone around him felt the same. He had a tremendous impact of the lives of many and his legacy will continue.

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