Sun Youth employs students through Valorisation Jeunesse

by Louiza Guira

I first joined Sun Youth in the summer of 2014. I was excited as it was my first job. I worked full time in the food bank, an opportunity given to me by Valorisation Jeunesse, a project that allows dynamic people 16 to 18, especially those that are visible minorities, to have rewarding professional work experiences.

Sun Youth first joined the program in 2009 and since then has been hiring about five students each summer.

At the food bank, I packed food and prepared customized bags for the clients. I came into contact with people of different backgrounds: my experience encouraged me to open up. It was my first time working with colleagues with intellectual handicaps and it has made me more aware and sensitive to people’s conditions. After my experience here, I got a true sense of what Sun Youth is all about: kind-hearted people helping the community.

In the fall of 2014, as I was starting my cegep course in Languages, I thought of how great it would be to work at Sun Youth again. After a short probation, I was welcomed to join the communications team.

Working for a charity organization makes me conscious of things I initially took for granted. I think twice before I purchase something and am grateful for what I have, no matter how small. This year, I celebrated my 5th summer at Sun Youth.

Here, I feel valued. I am in a friendly environment where my work is recognized. Being of an intellectual nature, I feel lucky to have a job that isn’t mechanical or stressful like many other student jobs. I write, translate and review texts, scan and file documents, and update the website. This summer, I provided information about the organization at our booth at the Mural festival. I took photos of the golfers at our annual Mordy Gordon Golf Tournament (this year marked the 15th anniversary).

Though this was initially unplanned, because we never know where life will take us, I now have two Cegep degrees, Languages and Theatre. This fall, I will begin my training at St-Hyacinthe’s professional theatre school.

Summer flew by so fast. I surely will be back next year!

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