St. Patrick’s artists exhibit their work

An unusual art exhibition and sale will be held Sunday 1pm to 4:30pm, April 28 at St. Patrick’s Square, 6767 Côte St. Luc Rd.

More than 60 watercolour paintings will be up on the walls of the McCormick Hall at the residence. The activity has been going strong since 1987, when residents began watercolour classes, that evolved into the broader St. Patrick’s Art Group for Seniors. It is supported financially by a grant from Côte St. Luc council.

The group of 12 meets Tuesdays, with twice-monthly lessons with Debrah Gilmour, an accomplished artist and experienced teacher. They produce excellent quality work, Gilmour says. In her lessons, Gilmour supplies the class with prints of coloured images and each artist chooses the image they would like to paint. Sometimes they will bring their own images.

“A lot of the exhibitors have worked in print making and oils. They are very accomplished, and I often learn a lot from them. They are committed artists!” The paintings cost $100 to $400.

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