Chartwell Le Wellesley opens British pub

Le Pub Med name is revealed

Le Pub Med name is revealed

Chartwell Le Wellesley opened its very own British pub, offering seniors and community members the opportunity to taste traditional English cuisine and celebrate with their friends in a cozy atmosphere.

The newly opened British pub, “Le Pub Med”, is located on the main floor of Chartwell Le Wellesley. Residents were asked to help name the new venture, submitting their selections to Chartwell staff. The grand opening took place on Sept. 19, 2014. It was a great success. Residents, staff, and community members enjoyed a variety of traditional pub fare, including food and drink options to celebrate the British culture. Additionally, those in attendance were treated to a live performance from The Absolutes.

Mrs. Moyle, a long time resident at Le Wellesley entertained the crowd by reading a hilarious poem:

Although we’re all blessed with longevity
We’re taking no chances on life’s ultimate brevity
So we sing and we dance
We laugh and we drink
Regardless of what others may think
Who cares if the mood is one of gaiety
Accompanied by frequent trips to the lavatory
Here’s to us all
And here’s to the grape
And lots of good times – it’s never too late”

Le Pub Med will host a variety of events such as sports nights, darts, book club, and Gentlemen’s Breakfast Club. Groups can be accommodated. Please contact Chartwell Le Wellesley for the calendar of upcoming events: 438-538-8474.

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