Spartan Race Montreal: Hitting the halfway point

Chad Ronalds is preparing for a Spartan Race in Montreal this summer. You can read each installment in his journey by clicking here.

I am at the midpoint in my training towards the five-kilometre Spartan Race and its 20 or so obstacles with my daughter Bryn.

But I haven’t reached the halfway mark in preparing for what lies ahead. While my gym workouts are progressing, despite losing a week or so to a virus, the outdoor training and working out with the rest of the team have not started as I so optimistically thought they would have by now.

I do believe that I’ll catch up though because I’ve been through a similar process before. Ten years ago my daughter Caroline and I challenged ourselves to get in shape and lose weight. We did. Caroline, then 15, lost 35 pounds and I shed 15. It was only a five month journey with many ups and downs but the result was worth every effort as it transformed my daughter both inside and out, and it was great for dad too.

We couldn’t have done it on our own and owe much of our success to both Flex Gym where we trained and Lelo Polcari the trainer who set us on the right path towards our goal.

My confidence that I’ll be ready come race day is largely because I am training at the same gym, with the same trainer as ten years ago as I prepare for this new adventure with Bryn.

The training program that Lelo has me doing is tough but so is the Spartan Race, five kilometers up and down hill on trails through the woods at Owls Head.

The obstacles are tougher still, crawling in the mud, climbing rope, jumping walls and more. It is a challenge worthy of solid preparation.

As for our team of five 20-year-old women and one dad (me), we now have a second father-daughter duo. I look forward to training with them over the next 2-1/2 months.

Midpoint means finding balance

by Bryn Ronalds

People talk about balance in life as being important, when it’s really about finding the right balance between play & work, training & rest and healthy eating & treats. What are your priorities? How do you follow through on those priorities, keep the balance, have fun while doing it and still achieve your goals?

Preparing for The Spartan Race with my father has been an excellent opportunity to learn just that. I must balance the workouts, pole dancing, and the yoga with my master’s thesis writing, time for friends and family while leaving some time for myself. Some days it’s easier to achieve than others but it’s all part of learning to find what’s right for me.

One of the things that makes it difficult is the challenge of not feeling guilty when you can’t do everything that you think you should. But as long as I listen to my body while moving towards my goals, even if it’s only in baby steps, I know I will succeed.

This fitness challenge began as a fun idea, a way for my friends, my dad and me to bond. It has turned into much more, it has become a journey of personal growth and understanding, and we are only at the midpoint. More yet awaits us on this journey to Owls Head and The Spartan Race in July.

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