SouthWest United celebrates 120 years

An exhibit of historical photos and artefacts on the history of SouthWest United will open with a wine and cheese Friday, Nov. 15, 4 to 6pm at 1445 Clemenceau in Verdun.

There is no charge but donations are welcome. SouthWest United Church is one of only two remaining United Church congregations in Verdun but carries the legacy of several churches and congregations since 1899.

One of the founding congregations, Verdun United Church, began life as Verdun Methodist in 1899. Many Verdun United artefacts, including a triptych of stained glass windows, were preserved and incorporated into the new SouthWest United Church.

Another founding congregation, Crawford Park United, came into being during the population boom in the 1940s.

Crawford Park was a neighbourhood designated during World War II for the construction of “veteran’s cottages” the distinctive pointed-roofed brick homes still very much in evidence in the neighbourhood. SouthWest United occupies the building the Crawford Park United congregation erected in 1947 after several years of meeting in homes and the local schoolhouse.

SouthWest recently began a new chapter with Pastor Beryl Barraclough. On November 15 and throughout the pre-Christmas season, the whole community — Old Verdun and New; English and French; Christian or not – are invited to join this church community in celebrating 120 years of achievements. The exhibit can be viewed until the end of December.

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