Smart Shopping: Subcontract the boring parts of life

When you want help with “stuff,” it’s sometimes easier if someone will come to you.

Right now, you may be thinking about taxes due next month. You might want to consider a specialist for seniors’ taxes—there are deductions you or your accountant may not be familiar with. MK & Associates can sit at your kitchen table with you and help you.

If grocery shopping, redecorating, buying presents, or holiday preparations are overwhelming, Montreal Errand Runners can send a personal assistant. And if it’s mounds of papers or photos, downsizing, wardrobe shopping or finding more room when you move to a smaller space, that gets you down, Organized Success is your answer.

MK & Associates, headed by Mitch Kujavsky, has 10 years experience in personal and corporate taxation.

The company specializes in seniors’ taxation and avenues to explore to reduce your tax bite. Their expertise extends into a taxation of the disabled. Did you know you can use your total rent as a medical expense if you are living in a residence where there is a doctor and nurse on staff during weekdays?

You can follow Kujavsky’s Funny Accountant blog, 514-481-2276, 514-833-1158.

When you need someone to help with your to-do list, call Ruth Hovsepian of Montreal Errand Runners. People who are who are stuck indoors in bad weather can have groceries, prescriptions, gifts or other items delivered.

This friendly company provides so many services: dry cleaning and laundry, housekeeping, party planning, personal chefs, pet services, personal shoppers, messengers, golf reservations and lessons, even contractor referrals. Their catch phrase: Montreal Errand Runners will do anything that is legal! 514-882-7219.

If you’ve ever wanted a professional to organize your home or office, Organized Success has been waiting for you. Susan Portnoy and her team are masters at downsizing. In the event of a move or a loss, they can help you decide what to keep, throw away or sell. Someone can help wade through your closet and photographs, or even organize your computer files.

For those living in very small spaces, they can help you discover space where you would never look. They are very creative in finding storage solutions for items that might never have had a home. 514-733-1533.

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