Senior Times sales staff weighs in on 30 years in the business

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Please click here for stories and remembrances from The Senior Times newsroom as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Let us celebrate 30 years of greatness

I have only admiration of your determination and strength in making The Senior Times a strong and vibrant vehicle for our seniors and younger. Our readers are enjoying the entertaining articles, knowledgeable information and advice written with heart and soul.

I came on board 22 years ago – after retirement. I am enjoying every moment.

May you have many more successful years ahead.

  Shirley Cohen

Congratulations and best wishes for your accomplishment of being the publisher and editor of The Senior Times for 30 years! Wow!

Your unswerving dedication to your readership has enabled Montrealers to have access to innumerable resources that would sometimes be difficult or impossible to attain.

Your irrepressible spirit and dynamic energy have provided hours of entertainment and many a chuckle through the stories of your travels and personal experiences.

I can attest to the fact that readers of The Senior Times look forward to getting their monthly copy. To another 30 years!

  Gloria Beigleman

After 25 years working as a writer and editor in Israel, I arrived in Montreal, where Barbara offered me the opportunity to join The Senior Times as a copy editor and… sales representative.

Working with words has always been my passion, so advertising was quite a different path. And quite a challenge, too.

Twelve years later, I’m proud to have been on staff at this very special newspaper that continues to present political, social, economic, and cultural issues to Montreal’s growing demographic of fifty plus for three decades.

Kudos, Barbara! Your efforts distinguish this paper from all others. Thirty years of achievement! Thirty years young!

— Sandra Schachter

I would like to take time to congratulate you on 30 years of success at The Senior Times newspaper. Your accomplishment is something to be proud of and I commend you on your efforts! Here’s to another 30 years of serving the 50+ community together.

— Jodie Alter

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