Restaurant review: Parthenon is as close as it gets to Greece

There’s a new addition to the restaurant choices on Queen Mary near Earnscliffe that has what it takes to attract a loyal following.

Three of us dined at the Parthenon on a frigid weekday night, thoroughly enjoyed its traditional Greek cuisine and left with full bellies and taste satisfaction.

The glassed-in storefront sparkles with crystal chandeliers, and its blue and white décor and tablecloths and Greek music announce clearly, if you had any doubts, what’s on the menu.

There were three flat-screen TVs in the room, close to the bar, where fans could watch hockey.

That this is a bring-your-own wine and beer eatery distinguishes it from nearby Yia Sou, where you can order alcoholic beverages to accompany Greek cuisine.


For starters, Barbara ordered the small pikilia ($9.95), which she shared with Molly and me. It included a garlic-rich tzatziki, light and fluffy spinach and cheese pies, tasty rice wrapped in vine leaves and smooth taramosalata. Barbara remarked several times on how well it compared with taramosalata in Greece, where we spend our summers.

We shared these morsels with pita bread, which came to our table warm and cut in fours.

Barbara’s shrimp brochette special ($15.55) included a tomato-based, rich and creamy bean soup—perfect for a frosty night. Then came her main dish—a substantial plate with golden grilled shrimp on a bed of rice, Greek-style (circular) fried potatoes (patates), feta cheese, sliced tomato, and iceberg lettuce, with a creamy but light dressing. The shrimps were crispy on the outside, flavourful and juicy inside with traditional Greek seasoning.

Molly, a vegetarian, was happy with her pita plate ($10.45), which included vegi-souvlaki stuffed with feta cheese and everything you would expect in a meatless and fish-free Greek dish.

Her comment on the garlic-rich tzatziki: it’s not recommended on a first date.

I was pleased to see my order arrive with four lamb chops atop a large plate heaping with salad, rice, Greek potatoes, tzatziki, and sliced tomato. I loved the garlic!

The chops were not the thickest, but had that inimitable Greek-spiced taste, and were juicy enough to be just on the rare side of medium. I devoured my chops and sides with gusto, enjoying the mix of flavours on the plate.

The Parthenon is flexible when it comes to rice or potatoes, and will gladly serve you some of both. The menu is extensive and includes chicken and lamb brochettes, a full range of starters, and family specials for takeout or delivery.

The luncheon special is offered on weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm and ranges from $9.75 for souvlaki pita plates to $14.25 for fried calamari.There is also a catering service.

Unfortunately, the restrooms are not wheel-chair accessible.

5405 Queen Mary. 514-369-9989,

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  1. Yia Sou is far better food and service.

  2. Are you kidding me???/ It’s all frozen garbage

  3. It’s so close to Greece that it went bankrupt like it too

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