Researchers seek female survivors of Auschwitz

The march from Auschwitz takes an emotional toll on all participants. (Photo: Jordan Stoopler)

Medical researchers are seeking information from female survivors of Auschwitz on the consequences of forced injections and ingestion of unknown substances in their food that are linked to subsequent amenorrhea and infertility.

Prof. Peggy Kleinplatz, of the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine and Prof. Paul Weindling, who teaches the history of medicine at Oxford Brookes University UK, are seeking testimony from survivors and their children on this little known and unrecognized phenomenon.

These women immediately ceased menstruation, some for months, some for years. Others were left permanently infertile. Some reports suggest that the younger the adolescent girls at the time of arrival in Auschwitz, the greater the long-term impact upon their future reproduction.

“The long-term consequences of these routine medical interventions may affect the children and grandchildren of women who did survive.”

Prof. Kleinplatz may be reached at 613-563-0846. Prof. Weindling is at

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