Quebec schools are reopening, reminding us that children are the future

Photo of Natalie and Adrian by K. Gaum.

With the announcement by the Quebec government that schools outside Montreal will be reopening May 11 and in Montreal sometime in May (the date keeps changing), we feel hopeful and welcome this initiative to get back on the path to a “new normal.”

After about two months of stay-at-home time for children and their parents, questions arise. We do not envy the responsibilities of principals and teachers to sort things out for the reopening of their schools and with not enough testing, how safe can it be?

How much teaching will be accomplished for the remainder of the term with the new distancing and cleanliness procedures put in place?

Will there be enough teachers? Will there be enough students returning? Many questions and not enough answers at this point, but there is hope and that is good.

The not-so-good is that Generations Foundation events that were planned such as the Scotia Run/Walk was postponed to September and our theatre event planned for June 3, was cancelled. This event had been held every year since 2002. What was incomprehensible was a horrible turn of events in the world.

The COVID-19 crisis became obvious to us locally in March and we discovered with horror that too many innocent angels, doctors, nurses, health care workers, the elderly and the not so elderly were killed through no fault of their own. Our hearts go out to their families with our prayers. We hope and pray that a vaccine be found soon. It is paramount that children live in a normal world as quickly as possible. Generations Foundation is planning meals and snacks for approximately 8500 schoolchildren in schools and centers when they are back in school.

We are thankful to donors who continue to help us to provide for children.

To find out how you can help us feed our children:; 514-933-8585.

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