Photos: Montreal artist Debrah Gilmour inspired by nature, travel

Painting by Debrah Gilmour

Debrah Gilmour is a Montreal artist specializing in landscapes and portraiture. She graduated from the fine arts program at John Abbott College and continued her studies in education, literature and art at Concordia University.

Gilmour’s works are in private collections across Canada, with four images published as greeting cards by les Editions Galerie l’Imagerie. She has donated art for auction by such charities The Shield of Athena and Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Her realistic style reflects an interest in nature and she has been inspired by travels to Italy, Ireland, England and the Mediterranean. While adept at landscape painting, Gilmour is also an accomplished portrait artist. She believes that artistic insights are gained by studying other genres. Her evocative pastel and watercolour portraits of children capture the fleeting innocence of the early years. She believes that the best portrait artists possess the ability to “see through” the subjects and are able to convey the most essential qualities of the subjects.

Debrah’s extensive teaching career has led her to conceive and create whimsical murals and large-scale canvas installations for children. She also has a line of painted furniture inspired by favourite children’s books.

Debrah teaches in Montreal. She can be contacted at (514) 488-4585 or

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  1. Debrah:
    My name is Joseph Gluchy…For the past year I have been trying to organize an art coop in the area of Cote St-Luc, Hampstead, NDG, and Montreal West. There is a definitive need for an art group in this area. All I have encountered is apathy. We used to have a Live Model drawing group, but it was disbanded when we were obliged to leave the premises that was rented. If you would be so kind as to reply after the new year. I would be more than happy to help or perhaps together we might discuss how to achieve a groupement des artistes. Of course the most important part is have a venue to exhibit our work. I have an abundant amount of information. Most important is to have between 2 to 5 persons who are dedicated to this idea. Most artists and wannabees wish to walk into a ready made situation, without investing effort, and of course they want everything for free. If what I am conveying strikes a chord, please contact me.
    Joseph Gluchy

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