Our favourite haunt — B & M in N.D.G. — has a fresh, new look

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Irwin and I have been dining at B & M for years, with our mothers in tow.

Since my mom died, it’s been Ruth, Irwin’s mom, who’s just turned 100, and the two of us, unless Ruth’s family from Israel visits, in which case, it’s four generations of Blocks who flock to B & M for brunch and dinners.

We love B & M. There is no place like it in Montreal. It’s part Greek, part Jewish, part Italian (owing to its long list of pizzas) and it’s multigenerational with diners from a year old to well… over 100, enjoying the fare.

Portions are plentiful and include veggies and fruit. During the renovation of the Somerled location, Ruth was worried. “When will they finish so that we can go back to B & M?” she asked several times.

The tasteful renovation is now complete and we can return to enjoy our favourite dishes. The space now has an ultra-modern look with an open kitchen on the left. There’s a new a bar and the tables are clustered in the middle replacing the booths and a divider. B & M is all about the food.


My favourite is the Kleopatra Caesar Salad with avocado and large shrimp ($21). Irwin usually chooses from the Dinner or lunch specials on weekdays. Ruth used to love the lamb chops, which she always had with baked potato and veggies.

On the dinner special it comes with a hefty side salad and tea or coffee. Lately she’s switched to the calf’s liver, topped with mushrooms and onions. Our desires are always met at B & M and now that it’s warmer out, we’ll definitely take advantage of the outdoor terrace.

Okay, so the new menu doesn’t include our avocado, goat cheese frittata Irwin and I used to share, but you can get the same ingredients in their over-stuffed and tasty omelettes. Another of my favourites is the Pikilia at $16. It’s a cornucopia of Greek delicacies including tarmosalata and tzatziki. Another delicious appetizer is the fried zucchini with tzatziki ($9.95) and the Calamars Frits ($12) fat, succulent and plentiful, which my friend Daniele and I shared along with the large Greek Salad ($16) the other night.

What I like most about B & M, apart from the portions, are the unique combinations such as shrimp and avocado in a Caesar salad. Along with these dishes, which meet our Ketogenic requirements (no carbs or sugar), there are deli-delights such as club sandwiches served with fries and coleslaw.

There’s an extensive pizza menu ranging from $10.50 to $35 for the largest and most elaborate pizza. If I had space I’d list more of the menu but you’ll have to try it out yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

You may have to wait in line a few minutes for a table if you’re going for Sunday brunch. But the outdoor seating should eliminate that problem. Writing this is making my mouth water.

This Moser may just mosey over for lunch on this weekday and see what’s on the daily specials.

B & M is at 6200 Somerled in NDG. 514-484-4959 A second location is at 120 St. Viateur W. in the Plateau.

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