Moving is starting over with a new perspective

Moving may be a lot of work but it’s not what it’s cracked up to be — on par with divorce, and despair.

Yes, I’ve finally sold my house. That part wasn’t easy at all, but all’s well that ends well and I’m happy to report that the new owner of my duplex is opening a centre for autistic children and their families called Spectrum. Nathalie Garcin has the energy and passion of 20 women. She’s already renovated what was our newspaper office, putting in new floors, a new kitchen and bathroom and new lock-free doors upstairs and downstairs. Imagine never having to carry a key with you! Windows have been replaced on both floors and look amazing!

We moved in two installments, on July 2 and July 7. Why two moving dates? We couldn’t get an answer from the tenant of the lower duplex we are moving into, fast enough to book a mover for July 1. We hired one of our Movers and Shakers for July 2, FX Moving, and were very happy with their friendly, helpful and efficient service.

Happily we are upsizing into a four bedroom lower duplex (Ah… no more stairs!) just north of Monkland on Marcil.

Still it seems I have too many paintings, too much furniture and too many fans! Who can bear to throw out their children’s paintings or their own for that matter?

No matter what you pack, it’s too much. It’s kind of like going on a trip… forever. You arrive at your destination and wonder why you need all these clothes.

Since the ST office is just five blocks west on Monkland, we won’t be needing the car much. Monkland is quite simply…. fun! It’s hard to walk down the street without meeting a friend or making new ones.  And we can enjoy our favourite cafés, pharmacies, restaurants, and health food store, which invites hippies to enter through the side door. They also give seniors a ten percent
discount every day. And Provigo is literally a hop, skip and jump from our new house!

Back to moving, it’s not easy but if you start early and label all your boxes, you’ve at least got a head start. Give your partner lots of space and time on deciding what to take to the new home and what to take to Renaissance. It’s a blessing that a Renaissance drop-off center is at the end of our old street, Decarie and NDG Ave. and we’ve tried to take a bag each day down there.

I’ve packed smaller cases for the first few days, with toiletries and clothes. Much of the clothing is in clear bags, although I’ve been told the movers prefer boxes. Too bad. Boxes are okay for dishes and small heavy stuff but what a waste of cardboard for light clothes and coats, boots, etc. Alas in our Montreal, we seem to have a coat and pair of shoes or boots for every day of the year.

Since I haven’t rented in 45 years, I had no idea what to expect. Would the fridge be cleaned out? (No) Would we have to mop the floors after the tenant has left? (Yes) Was everything in good working order? (Not exactly)

Yes, why didn’t we buy? For the same reason I sold the house: TOO MUCH WORK! I don’t ever want to fix a roof or a furnace or a leaky faucet again! I don’t ever have to freeze because the thermostat’s on the blink or fix cracks after an ice storm. Yes, the place won’t really be mine but it sure will be nice starting over with a lot less stuff and a lot less responsibility!

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