Montreal terrace hopping: The best summer spots

Courtesy of stock.xchange.

Now that smoking is banned from Montreal restaurant terraces, and summer is here, we set out one afternoon to discover some favourites.

For starters, we picked Kokkino Café on Sherbrooke corner Melrose in NDG and Falafel St. Jacques on St. Jacques in Lachine, (alias Ville St. Pierre).

Kokkino, owned and managed by that gregarious family man, John Zampetoulakis, father of four and husband to Angela, is a mom-and-pop success story. This place cannot be franchised! It’s all personal service, all community, all friendly all the time.

John’s “terrace” is right out there with no fences, literally and metaphorically. Chad Ronalds, his daughter Caroline Ronalds (our photographer) and me enjoyed ice coffees and teas with John, as we tried to pose just right for the camera.

Falafel St. Jacques is a more recent success story. Run by the ever-smiling Ronen Baruch and his sidekick Saleh Seh, who dishes up falafel on the spot to hungry lines of appreciative diners, this tiny resto has just added a tiny terrace on the side, where we can munch down our tasty plates of the best-made Israeli food I’ve ever tasted, all in relative calm overlooking Ville St. Pierre’s main street and its locals.

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