Montreal Fringe Festival: Spoken word poets take their place

How does a character go from daydreaming maiden to mysterious trickster? How does a person go from lost child to elder punk?

Myth Mirrors Punk brings together two Spoken Word artists and storytellers of two generations and two styles of narrative – one autobiographical, one fantastical – while exploring questions of women’s empowerment.

Their collection of stories reflects opposites: an older performer expresses feisty vitality and a younger one speaks ancient wisdom.

Carole TenBrink is a Montreal performance poet and storyteller who composes autobiographical stories about changes in states of mind and emotions. She takes performance back to its primal roots where ritual, breath, rhythm, and movement carry audiences to larger awareness.

Magali R.K. Desjardins Potvin started writing prose in high school. In university, she introduced philosophical concepts and mythological references into her stories. She seeks to fire up the audience with inspiring ideas.

Carole and Magali first met at Slamtastique, a storytelling competition. Both were beginners at Spoken Word performance. In two years they’ve gone from being novices to winning competitions.

Now they are collaborating to debut at the 25th Montreal Fringe Festival.

Café Tuyo, 370 Marie-Anne St. E. Tickets in advance at box office,, or 514-849-FEST or at the door. $8-$10, $2 service charge.

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