McGill Community for Lifelong Learning celebrates its 30th anniversary

There are blue skies over McGill, one of the many campuses offering courses on a host of topics this fall.

The McGill Community for Lifelong Learning in the heart of the McGill Campus is a diverse population with one thing in common: a passion for learning. Study groups, lectures and workshops are peer-led and peer-moderated so members can share what they know and broaden their horizons in Art, Science, History, Literature, Music, Travel and more.

The McGill Community for Lifelong Learning began in 1989 under the banner of MILR- McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement. The visionary founder was Fiona Clark. In tribute to her philosophy that learning never ceases, MCLL is establishing a fund in the name of Fiona Clark to support mature students at the McGill School of Continuing Studies.

Fiona believed if mature students could continue to learn, why not people even older? She  got the green light from McGill to set up MCLL in 1989. Since then it’s grown from a program of 180 participants to a membership of 1,200 strong.

MCLL is a place to meet, mingle and socialize, and be introduced to disciplines many would not have tried as young students, such as physics and architecture and opera. “MCLL has absolutely changed my life.” says one avid member. That’s a sentiment you hear over and over in the corridors of the MCLL building on Sherbrooke corner Robert-Bourassa. There, MCLL has spacious classrooms, state-of-the- art audio visual equipment including live streaming plus a welcoming lounge.

MCLL members have access to the network of McGill University Libraries as well as an MCLL designated McGill Librarian. Research is part of the learning process at MCLL but equally so are discussions among peers, listening and absorbing.

The celebration of the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning pays tribute to its founder Fiona Clarke with a new fund and a 30th Anniversary Gala Luncheon at the McGill Faculty Club.

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