Limitless Learning: Find courses in a host of subjects, from philosophy to photograhy

There are blue skies over McGill, one of the many campuses offering courses on a host of topics this fall.
There are blue skies over McGill, one of the many campuses offering courses on a host of topics this fall.

There are blue skies over McGill, one of the many campuses offering courses on a host of topics this fall.

Use it or lose it—the adage applies to mind as well as body.

Here is a selection of the many courses offered for the inquiring mind this fall at various institutions.

The Thomas More Institute has 30 unique university-level courses over 12 weeks that are not repeated, including:

* The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future, a study of the 2008 market crash and its aftermath.

* Skepticism, Secularism, Spinoza: The notion of a philosophical God pioneered by Baruch Spinoza forced a confrontation between medieval values and emerging modernity. The course examines the context and relevance today of his theories.

* In Saecula Saeculorum: Western music from antiquity to present: A survey course with musician/conductor François Ouimet, including orchestral works performed in Montreal.

3405 Atwater. 514-935-9585,

The Cummings Senior Centre offers English, French, Spanish, computer courses and several lecture-style series including new ones:

* Native Peoples of North America is a survey course from pre-Columbian to modern times, including current issues, with Francis Charet, PhD.

* History of Political Cartoons, from the 18th century to now, with John Felvinci.

* Human Rights, a global survey, with Marvin Hershorn M.A.

* From the Bible to the Borscht Belt: Jewish Humour and Humourists and their connections with Jewish history, with Janie Respitz, M.A.

* History and the Bible and how the Old Testament stands the test of time, with David Bensoussan.

5700 Westbury. 514-342-1234,

Dawson College offers an array of not-for-credit courses, including languages at various levels, part of its Centre for Training and Development.

* Courses in English, French (including French conversation), German, Spanish (including Spanish for travelers), Italian, Japanese and Chinese given by the Confucius Institute in Quebec.

* Financial markets & Investments Strategies covers markets for equities, bonds, overnight money, options and futures.

* Photography courses range from camera basics to digital and documentary photography, portraiture, Photoshop and wedding photography.

* Creative writing focuses on the interests of the class in two genres. All students will be asked to write at least one piece of fiction or non-fiction or several poems, to be critiqued in class.

4001 de Maisonneuve W. 514-933-0047,

The McGill Community for Lifelong Learning, led by volunteers, offers one or two 10-week study groups at a full membership of $100, or a single study group at $75. For $20 per term, you may attend lectures on Fridays and Saturdays and take part in social events.

* Study groups include Demystifying Contemporary Art, Modern Latin America, The Modern Middle East, Remaking the World Order,

The Second World War (Part 1), Hand-picked Poetry, Igor Stravinsky, Russian Artisan, Dimitri Shostakovitch, Democracy, and The History of Telecommunications in North America.

* Friday Lectures include Swing—the Big Band Sound; America’s Two Tragic Wars—Vietnam and Iraq; The Christian Right—Republican Party in Israel: A Love Affairs to the Death; Death in the Forest—the Katyn Massacre; and Yoga 1 (an introduction).

* Tech Savvy workshops on various aspects of digital photography are also offered.

Courses run September 16 to November 22. 688 Sherbrooke W. 514-398-8234,

The Creative Social Centre presents the following courses, for $5 to $8 per session: Aerobics; painting and other media; folk and line dancing; choir. Beginners welcome.

5237 Clanranald. 514-488-0907,

E.N.C.O.R.E. Educational Club for Seniors offers courses and activities covering a range of areas of interests.

The cost is generally $42 per semester, plus a $20 annual membership.

n Bridge; acrylic painting; Character and Circumstance, 1914-60; Ciné Club; Major Canadian Artists of the 20th Century; Montreal Theatre; Rise & Decline of Western Civilization; and The 20th Century Intellectual Migration are among offerings that stand out.

Teachers include former MNA Neil Cameron, Francis X. Charet, who holds a PhD in psychology and religion, and documentary film-maker Anne Henderson.

1857 de Maisonneuve W. 514-288-7971,

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