Letter: Helping hand restores faith

In this era of indifference and self-centredness, it is hard to imagine altruism still exists. This experience reinforced my belief that good resides within each person.

While on my way to the Côte St. Luc shopping mall last week, I fell to the ground due to a combination of physical and mental ailments and was sitting on the edge of a driveway on Connaught, unable to move. Quite some time went by as I waited to regain my strength and tried to stand.

Several people, young and old, passed by. They hardly looked at me. Those who did scurried on, probably afraid to get involved with someone who might be “under the influence” or a potential predator. Likewise, some vehicles seemed to slow down as the drivers looked at me, but kept going. I finally decided to call a taxi.

Suddenly, an SUV stopped shortly after passing me and backed up towards me. The driver, Mike Dahan, rolled down his window and asked whether I was all right or if I needed any assistance. I gladly accepted the offer and he helped me aboard.

I realized that each of us needs a helping hand in life now and then, but we never know when or where we’ll need it. Thank you Mike Dahan for helping me.

Michael J. Primiani, Montreal West

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