Hockey surprise for CSL breakfast clubbers

by Sid Birns

June 9 was a banner day for the nine members of the Côte St. Luc Senior Men’s Club breakfast clubbers.

After finishing a hearty breakfast at The Rail Coal Fire Bistro in Kahnawake, sitting at the table and discussing, I forget what, (it might have been about Trump or some other world problem) three guys walk in and sit at a table about ten feet from us attracting our attention. Then George says “That’s Guy Lafleur and that’s Larry Robinson and I think that’s Guy Carbonneau.”

Eight out of nine at the table are hockey fans, and George says, “I wonder if we could get them to come over and take a picture with us,” so I said “why not, give it a shot George,” so he does with much enthusiasm and completely forgets he has trouble walking. After all he’s pushing 94. (George recently started using a walker).

Well, he gets to their table and after a couple of minutes the three of them come over to our table and happily get into picture taking mode. After the pictures were taken, Larry and Guy Lafleur sat down and chatted with the ‘boys’.

A bit of interesting background about the three Hockey Hall of Famers: Robinson, affectionately known around Quebec as “Big Bird”, is one of the most popular players to ever don the Montreal Canadiens jersey. Having played for the Habs for 17 years, the 6’4’’ defenseman helped lead his team to six Stanley Cups over that span. Lafleur, also known as “The Flower” was the Montreal Canadiens first overall pick in the 1971 NHL Amateur Draft. He won all five of his Stanley Cups with the Canadiens over an NHL career spanning 17 seasons.

Guy Carbonneau played a role in the Montreal Canadiens organization as a player and a coach. A three-time Stanley Cup champion, two being with the Canadiens, Carbonneau served
as the Habs captain from 1989 to 1994.

Well, as you can guess, this day will live on in nine memories, including the one that isn’t a hockey fan.

So, today’s choice by Beryl, of the Rail restaurant which was established in 2010, was the right choice, because as fate would have it, everything worked in our favor. Good food, meeting the “three musketeers of Hockey Hall of Fame,” and great friends, made for a day
to remember.

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