Here we are, plunged into Montreal’s red zone

For the last three months of a balmy and enjoyable summer, we Côte St. Luc residents were lucky enough to enjoy the Senior Community Garden, the tennis courts, and the outdoor swimming pool — now closed for the season.

Some of us with children in Montreal, had the gift of time with them – outdoors. Be it on a restaurant terrace, at a backyard BBQ, or walking in a beautiful park, we were temporarily sheltered by what was the inevitable prediction of second wave of COVID-19.

Here we are, plunged into a new reality, uncertain of what the consequences of this virus will mean for us. Still, my husband and I consider ourselves lucky. We have each other. We have survived the 24/7 life of the past six months. We are blessed with good health. My concern is for my three sons. My eldest lives in Florida, one of the hardest hit states. A son who lives here is struggling to keep his small business afloat. The third son has to re-invent himself during these difficult times. I have four grandchildren. My eldest grandson, 23, is a flying school instructor in Florida. My 18-year-old grandson who lives here goes to school and I worry about safety measures there. My youngest grandson began CEGEP online in a demanding Science program — a lonely endeavour at a time in his life when social interaction is so important. As a former CEGEP teacher, I know too well how crucial those years are for a young person.

So now, living day by day is the new norm. Walks, in hopefully good weather, reading, writing in my daily journal, listening to music, speaking with friends on the telephone, Zoom meetings, will have to nurture my spirits and keep the flame of hope alive for better days to come.

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