My motivational strategies during COVID-19 pandemic

My daily schedule keeps me busy with many hobbies, like reading, card games, down-sizing on a lot of stuff, taking care of my 50 plus houseplants and enjoying the company of my two kids (cats). When you have a 20-lb cat sitting on your chest at 3am looking at you for breakfast, that gets me motivated. And I also enjoy doing volunteer work to help my friends in need.

I keep in touch with my family and friends by phone, email or sending special cards by snail mail. I play old time jazz music to get rid of the emptiness and the beautiful sounds fill my home with happy tunes. But I also enjoy watching TV. My two favourite programs are Judge Judy and the Match game of the mid 1970’s with Gene Rayburn.

Thank you Barbara, you have been my teacher not only at Dawson College but throughout all the many years I’ve worked at The Senior Times and still today. You gave me strength and motivation and so much more to reach my goals and become a better person.

Each day we need to keep our mind and body healthy during this pandemic. Each day is a precious gift. We need to focus and be positive.

Be Safe. Be Well.

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