Happy New Year, from 1972 to you

Happy New Year from Beryl Moser and Syd Barsky from the lobby of the Belmont!

Beryl purchased her dress in London in 1972. She described the dress as   “two pieces, gorgeous velvet, the skirt has orange beading on the waist  and the bolero jacket has the rest of the orange beading.” And she adds “It still fits me. Ahem!”

Beryl and Syd ordered a fancy dinner from a nearby restaurant for their New Year’s Eve dinner!

Syd would like to mention that he is 90 and Beryl is 88.

Read their stories about moving in together at the beginning of the pandemic:

Couple has moved in together till the coronavirus is defeated

‘If social distancing lasts long enough, I should be able to clean my entire apartment’

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