Grannies rage against dumping junk

February 20 was a cold, blustery day in Montreal but that didn’t stop the Raging Grannies from standing outside the Westmount Metro supermarket at the Victoria Ave. entrance (where most shoppers enter and exit) with their signs, placards, and quirky granny attire singing to whomever passed by about the outrage of the waste that goes on in our grocery stores.

They held up Styrofoam plates on which meat and fish are sold, black and blue plastic boxes that house mushrooms and other veggies and other one-time-use plastic and spoke to passersby about joining the growing boycott of such products.

Can we as individuals do anything to stop the head offices from selling products in plastic and Styrofoam? One worker at the Metro store told me nothing could or would be done. “You have to go to the head office. We’ll all for it but we have no power.”

Maybe Metro’s head office will hear about the protest and chalk it off to a bunch of crazy old ladies dressed in funny costumes singing silly songs. But maybe they will listen just this once and go the way of other stores who use cardboard and recyclable containers or no containers at all. Let’s hope someone up there listens!

Thanks to the Raging Grannies, we have a strong and consistent voice out there letting the powers-that-be know we are not going to take it (or buy it!) anymore.

Dump Dump Dump Your Junk

To the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat

WOLfVILLE, Nova Scotia Raging Grannies

Dump, dump, dump your junk into every brook.

Who cares, why care, no one needs to look.

Throw, throw, throw your trash into every stream.

Who cares, why care, who needs water clean?

Toss, toss, toss your litter into every river,

Who cares, why care, the fish can shake and shiver.

Fling, fling, fling your filth into every lake.

Who cares, why care – not us, for goodness’ sake.

Drop, drop, drop your slop into every ocean.

Who cares, why care, the public has no notion.

Spill, spill, spill your waste into every sea.

Who cares, why care – why waste our energy?

Clean, clean, clean our water – WE DEMAND A SAY,

I CARE – WE CARE – we drink it every day.

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