Generations: School reunions remind us of inspiring teachers

Baron Byng High School Reunions are a wonderful occasion to revisit the good old days. Most of my friends in school were from the neighborhood and have moved away. We reunite every summer at the country home of Judy and Amos Sochaczevski.

A number of Baron Byng’s alumni became famous, including Mordecai Richler. I remember our teachers, in particular, Miss Katz, who had remarkable presence in class and Mrs. Litovsky, who stands out for her determination to have her students succeed. We hope that Generations Foundation’s work in the community will inspire a new generation of achievers.

We hope that our food programs will encourage children to fulfill much more than the basics in life. Generations Foundation is proud to announce that with the partnership of Breakfast for Learning and Provigo, we will enable children and young adults to experience enhanced cooking lessons including shopping for the ingredients, cooking, and enjoying the fruits of their labor.  514.933-8585

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