Generations Foundation: We do what parents can’t

We see mothers and father caring for their children the best they can but sometimes children need more and parents are unable to fulfill these needs. That’s where Generations comes in.

The type of meal we provide is dependent on the level of need of the child. A child can receive breakfast, hot lunches, or snacks, or a combination of all. We are there for them. Every child deserves nutritious food and with the help of many volunteers, we are there to ensure they get what they need to succeed in school.

No child should have to sit through classes on an empty stomach. Without the support of many volunteers and donors we could not make this happen. Our fundraising events such as an evening of theatre at the Segal Centre and our Bagel-A-thon in St. Viateur’s Bagel are key to our survival as an organization.

It’s close to the end of the school term and we thank our dedicated volunteers who are working each day to ensure the meals are delivered to the schools and centers. Thank you also to our volunteers at the schools who dedicate their time and energy meet the children’s needs. It was a difficult winter in terms of delivery to the schools because of the weather, the condition of the roads, construction, and last but not least, vehicle problems.

It was no surprise that our van with 359,000K on it would not start and that $2,000 later we had a new starter, as well as repairs to the engine and brakes. Fuel prices skyrocketed this winter and of course that put added strain on our finances. Food items were up marginally. With the quantities we regularly purchase, there is a considerable difference in cost. We are grateful to our donors and remind those who wish to donate that the needs are great and our programs depend on your generosity.

If you would like to help a child in need call 514-933-8585 or visit

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