Generations Foundation: Snack, lunches provide food security

L–R: Adrian, St. Viateur Mascot, Enrica Uva and Natalie

Generations Foundation thanks donors for their precious books, which are delivered to community centers for those who really need them. Many of us have not made a transition from paper books to the digital version.

We all know the importance of teaching our children from an early age to explore the printed word. The act of holding the book, turning the pages and hearing mom or dad’s voice is in itself a loving experience.

Reading bedtime stories was an important bonding routine for my children and me, and prepared them for a good night’s sleep. Educators know that teaching in a pleasurable and meaningful way will bring out the student’s potential.

Our nutritious snack programs are delivered to schools and centers to help engage students in learning while satisfying their hunger. It is especially important to the reading program students of The Learning Associates of Montreal, an organization helping those with learning disabilities. While LAM instructors facilitate reading and other basic skills, their clientele benefit from a healthy mid-morning snack; for some, it is the first meal of the day. The instructors find our snack programs also help with socialization. When the food tray arrives, the children’s grins can attest that Generations is helping to make learning a positive experience.

At the end of the school day, a healthy snack for the one-on-one tutoring program recharges batteries. In other schools, we receive validation for preventing children from fighting over their food because they think another child has a better lunch than they do. Children shouldn’t have to worry about food security when they are learning. Breakfast and lunch is available, and a snack is a quick replacement for a forgotten breakfast or lunch. or 514-933-8585.

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