Generations Foundation: Marriage has its challenges

Happy 50th Anniversary to Adrian and Natalie!Happy 50th Anniversary to Adrian and Natalie!
Happy 50th Anniversary to Adrian and Natalie!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Adrian and Natalie!


Marriage is alive and well in Montreal. Good weather arrived early in May and to our delight, many brides and grooms were at the Old Port with their entourage of family and friends.

This is a lovely sight to behold, and couples should not be afraid of marriage if they have confidence in their spouses. However, the words in the song, “Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage” came to mind from a recent incident in the Old Port when a horse was spooked and bolted with the carriage, causing injury to a passenger.

A separation or divorce might occur when a spouse explores “greener pastures” or there are unresolved issues. Those who live together might also split up, sometimes leaving children in an uncomfortable position. Insecure and destabilized, the children may go back and forth from mother to father. Issues build and these children begin to act out at home and school. If they feel some cohesion, hopefully, they will overcome their fears.

If not, they may need support from family, school officials and social workers.

Generations Foundation works with these professionals in several areas. We address food insecurity daily for about 6,500 schoolchildren. Teamwork and other social skills are learned at summer camp, where we send hundreds of children to enjoy the summer and build skills for the future.

From the early years to graduation and beyond, Generations finds ways to help out.

Call 514-933-8585 to help a child succeed.

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