Generations Foundation accentuates the positive

13 - Generations St Gabriel Principal JimThe kids are back in school and they either love it or they don’t. Many, as young as five or less, have already chosen their future profession — a police officer or doctor. They looked forward to reuniting with friends and learning something new every day.

Generations Foundation is enabling the children to start out on a positive footing. Our food programs encompass many areas of a student’s life at school. We supply breakfast directly to the schools, encouraging early and steady attendance. We order milk and other breakfast staples directly from the dairy company. At the learning centers, a choice of cheese, crackers, fruit and vegetables is offered mornings, afternoons and after school.

Nobody needs to suffer hunger pangs. Some of the schools with cafeterias sponsor a food program for their students. When sponsorship is not possible, Generations is there to help. Freshly prepared hot meals are delivered daily in time for lunch. Each day, we serve a different meal, varying from roast chicken or shepherd’s pie with vegetables, to a chicken stir-fry, a stew or a pasta dish, all accompanied by a salad with an abundance of raw veggies. A fruit or dessert supplements the meal. In some cases, a variety of food is ordered and a counsellor helps students cook a Friday lunch or a holiday meal.

There are no charges to the students, as we do not wish to be a collection agency. We just want to feed hungry children.

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