Gay and Grey invite you to join them

by Bruce Cameron

Gay and Grey Montreal is a relatively new group for English speaking LGBTQ seniors seeking to lessen their isolation through activities and information sessions.

The group was formed in July 2018. Its genesis stemmed from an initiative by two individuals, myself, a-soon-to-be retired gay director of a community organization, and Miranda an outreach worker from Prevention CDN/ NDG. At the initial meeting, 15 LGBTQ seniors were present.

We now have 63 members and continue to grow. We are an inclusive group welcoming gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and two spirited 50+ individuals. We organize social activities such as potluck suppers, museum visits, cinema, 5 à 7s, outings to local markets, and community events and hold a weekly social gathering on Friday.

We sponsor a community conference sensitizing health and social workers to the needs of the senior Englishspeaking LGBTQ community. We continue to find our place in the community and respond to a variety of individuals – Those who “come out” later in life, those who have suffered a loss and find themselves alone, and couples or individuals looking to increase their social sphere.

We respect the individual’s right to privacy and operate on an inclusive basis where discrimination and racism are not acceptable. Our group requires a minimal membership fee to help offset some of our promotional costs. Promotion is the key to helping other LGBTQ English speaking seniors learn about the group. We have a small board of directors and other individuals who help organize our activities.

You can learn more about us from our Facebook page, Gay and Grey Montreal, or by contacting us at

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  1. Keep u the good work really needed in Montreal.

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