From the archives: Would I marry again?

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From time to time, we will visit the Wayback Machine to read stories from The Senior Times archives. This story by Sylvia Cohen was published Sept. 6, 1989.

Would I marry again?

I really don’t know.

When I was first married, we had what I thought was a “perfect marriage.” I’m a bit old-fashioned and I thought marriage was for life. Naturally I did all the right things to please my husband and make my marriage last.

When we ate breakfast in Florida, he had the seat facing the ocean. I stared at the blank wall in back of him for 10 years.

At night, I slept on the side facing the open window. I had  a stiff neck all the time we were married.

It was I who got up at five o’clock every morning to keep the children quiet, so the master could get his sleep. I also fed the chidden an early meal so he could enjoy his dinner in peace.

We had one night table. it was on his side. We had two dogs; it was I who fed them, walked them and brushed them. I never asked for anything. I was content. My husband loved me, but I don’t think he ever knew the “real me.”

In trying to please, I forgot I too was a person. It was as though I did not really exist.

I’ve been alone now for many years, and I’ve made a life for myself. I do what I like when I like, and I like my freedom. I couldn’t go back to that kind of a “perfect marriage.”

I enjoy watching the ocean with my first cup of coffee, and I don’t miss having a stiff neck.

Would I marry again? Iknow know. I enjoy being single. Besides, no one has even asked me yet.

Sylvia Cohen is a member of the Creative Social Centre writing class.

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