Friends and columnists find humanity, humour in midst of coronavirus pandemic

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From columnist Michael Carin

It’s not my wish to inject humour into the present situation, but when I confronted acres of empty shelves yesterday at my supermarket I found myself humming “Back In The USSR”. On a different note, if we search for a silver lining in the current crisis it may be found in the increasing likelihood that the moron in the White House will not be re-elected. The virus has put an expiry date on his presidency. The sleazy salesman’s stupidity and natural inclination to spew lies have been put on greater display than ever before. Even some of his cult followers may now understand that he is wholly unfit for office. This storm of illness will pass and one of its side effects will be President Biden bringing decency back to America.

Idea for seniors online

Edit Kuper

Listen to Audio blogs from Commentary Magazine through the Tikvah Fund. There are audio blogs on lots of topics

Here’s one audioblog: On the best and worst Jewish films.

Free online films from the Toronto Jewish Film Festival 

To Life, Zrubavel (Ethiopian story), The Zigzag Kid, The Jewish Cardinal, Strange Fruit, Baghdad Twist, Peter The Third (cute), Live and Become (Ethiopian story) , The Muses of Isaac Bashevis Singer

Three Major adjustments to life under the Virus in San Fernando Valley, LA, California

Duncan McKintosh

• Virtual School. Because there are little or no testing sites available, and despite the fact that I had a suspicious cold, as did Cleo in the month of February, the only available precaution for schools, it’s total shut down. But as that saying about lemons and lemonade goes, there have sprung up various Group chat software, as well as daily assignments and messages from the teachers and at this point it is requiring one of the parents to be home with her to monitor and continue progress.

  Legal public gathering limits. A variety of one-on-one activities, and lessons, and classes continue. Group classes have almost all turned into one on one private appointments. And many businesses that require face-to-face interaction are being restricted or closed. You can drive-through or order takeout at a restaurant. Many government offices are closed. Many large corporations or offering telecommuting and private network work modes. Freeways? The arteries of civic life here?  Virtually no traffic. 

  Home life is the focus.

Cooking, work via internet and phone, rising visibility of neighbors, growing awareness of the importance of the grocery store as a lifeline, and a lot of meditation on the balance of self sufficiency versus need to connect. It’s early days in a crisis.  

We found a path to home school Cleo. We are taking care of the horses during the rain, which suppresses activity anyhow.

The anxiety about food supplies will be supplanted with anxiety about cash flow in the coming weeks. More as we live through it…

Duncan McKintosh and Sheri Moser, Barbara Moser’s sister, live in L.A. with their daughter, Cleo, 10. They teach riding.

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