Free seminars tackle the challenges of aging and caregiving during COVID-19

For many seniors and their families, living in these unprecedented times can be quite challenging and worrisome.

For this reason, Chartwell has developed a series of seminars called Aging & Caregiving During COVID-19. These presentations are FREE of charge and feature knowledgeable presenters discussing a variety of topics.

Register online at to get your questions answered.
The topics and dates are as follows:

  • February 42 PM Caregiving During a Pandemic: The Impact on Families Guest speaker: Dr. Amy D’Aprix, Gerontological Social Worker
  • February 11 • 2 PM Comparing the Health Benefits of Retirement Living & Aging at Home
  • February 18 • 2 PM Navigating Your Care & Support Options
  • February 25 • 2 PM Affording Retirement Living Guest speaker: Kelley Keehn, Financial Educator, Author & Media Personality

For more information, please call Viviane Meslage, 514-697-7331

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1 Comment on "Free seminars tackle the challenges of aging and caregiving during COVID-19"

  1. What I really admire about some non-Western cultures is their general belief in and practice of not placing their aged family members in seniors care homes.

    As a result, family caregivers don’t have to worry over those loved-ones being left vulnerable by cost-cutting measures taken by some care-home business owners to maximise profits.

    Care home neglect was present in Canada before Covid-19; however, we didn’t fully comprehend the degree until the pandemic really hit, as we horrifically discovered with the CHSLD Résidence Herron in Dorval, Quebec, 10 months ago.

    Western business mentality and, by extension, collective society, allowed the well-being of our oldest family members to be decided by corporate profit-margin measures. And our governments mostly dared not intervene, perhaps because they feared being labelled as anti-business in our avidly capitalist culture.

    But, as clearly evidenced by the many needless care-home resident Covid-19 deaths, big business does not always know or practise what’s best for its consumers.

    Morally and ethically, the profit buck has to stop with the health and lives of human beings, especially those who have little or no voice.

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