Flavour Guy: I’m the re-dundancy in my kitchen

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The machines have won. The recent Consumer Electronics trade show in Las Vegas has shown me the future.

As I understand it, if I have the right appliances and software, I am no longer needed. My phone can talk to my fridge and tell it what I want for dinner. The fridge can get back to my watch, which has a built in fitness evaluator that keeps track of every step and how fast I am going. It then gives feedback to the fridge on how many calories I’ve burned that day. The fridge, which is probably in regular contact with my doctor’s computer, will also calculate how much I can eat that night and send a message back to the phone. Some android voice will cheerfully interrupt my day to let me know that, If you take a break — you won’t get cake! or Want pasta? Walk fasta!

Yup, everything’s connected but me. I don’t want this. But I am aware that my appliances and gadgets are likely to wear out before I do and that the current generation is well equipped for kitchen connectivity. That could include the radio, I mean the music system, which will be programmed to switch from news to light jazz, judged better for digestion, when the microwave beeps that dinner is ready.

There is a harmonious aspect to this. The kitchen utensils won’t get flustered. They will know how to prepare meals nutritiously and properly because they will be able to access the recipes on line. When the fridge is low on yogurt, it just sends a text to the supermarket. If I install an escalator instead of the stairs, it can probably deliver without me being here.

When I get on the bathroom scale in the morning, new information will quickly circulate around the house. The rest of the team, knowing instantly that I’ve gained a few pounds, adjusts my diet. In a Siri-like voice, the fridge informs me “eggs are out, you’re now having tofu smoothies.”

In the evening, dinner is ready as I come through the door. The fridge, stove, radio and lighting cooperate to ensure I’ll have a mindful meal. I look in and see that the kale soufflé is piping hot. I remove my fitbit and watch, leave my phone on the counter and sneak out the back door. They’ll never find me and the A&W is but a block away.

While kale soufflé isn’t on the menu, broccoli cheese soup is and it’s great.

Put a cup of cooked broccoli and the water in which it has been cooked in a blender and blend until smooth. Melt two tablespoons of butter and add the same amount of flour. Mix until it bubbles and is smooth, turn the heat to low, and add a cup of milk. Whisk that together as it thickens. Add a cup of grated cheddar cheese and mix until it is melted.

Add the broccoli; salt and pepper to taste, and more milk or water if it is too thick.

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Editor’s Re-dundancy

Barbara’s keto-friendly (no carbs, no sugar) Broccoli Cheese Soup

Cook diced head of broccoli until al dente, with one diced onion and three or four cloves of garlic. Add salt and fresh pepper to taste. Diced red peppers are optional.

Remove from heat and blend. Return to heat and add one cup of sharp cheddar and ½ cup heavy cream. Add other cheeses as desired such as Gouda and Parmesan. Stir until mixed and serve.

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