Find Good People on stage at The Centaur

Good People, the Tony-nominated drama by David Lindsay-Abaire, is a standout even in this now-autumn of our theatrical content. This is also a chance to see the wondrously inventive Johanna Nutter (famous for her solo My Pregnant Brother) in a full-length, full-cast drama.

The play is set in the colourful Southie area of Boston, which was a prestigious area for a while, then degenerated into a packed working-class neighbourhood, largely a home to Irish-Americans. Saints and sinners were bred there, including an archbishop, criminal mastermind, scores of politicians, firemen and policemen. Now, gentrification has reached even rundown lower Southie.

Nutter has big shoes to fill, as Frances McDormand of Fargo fame won a Tony for the role of Margie, a single mother fired from her dollar-store job. Margie’s old boyfriend Mike (Paul Hopkins) is now a doctor in tony Chestnut Hill. Egged on by girlfriends (Catherine Lemieux and Sandy Ferguson), Margie reconnects with Mike. Class consciousness lurks in the background, while Mike’s wife, Kate (Kim Nelson), has some surprising input into the situation.

At the Centaur till December 9. 514-288-3861.


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