Community message: Hear/Entendre friends, we are here for you

Dear Hear/Entendre friends,
We hope that you are safe and well
We are very sorry that we can not be together
Enjoying our programs and classes together
Sharing information and stories.
We hope that you have someone checking in on you
And making sure that you have necessities.
Online orders and calling can be made at groceries, restaurants, and pharmacies
Tell them that you are a senior, and that you have a hearing loss.
Most will deliver food, prescriptions, and necessities to your door in their area.
Make sure to include extra hearing aid batteries.
If you have concern that you might have symptoms of the COVID 19 virus
Cough, fever, scratchy throat, breathing difficulties
Contact info Sante 811, or 911 if emergency
Anxiety can also affect many at this time.
Again contact info Sante at 811 to contact psychosocial services.
If we can be of any help to you as we go through this pandemic prevention together
Please contact us at or call or text 514-797-2447
Thank you,
Jill Johnson
Speechreading instructor
On behalf of Hear Entendre 

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