Common Cents: What would we do without Dad?


One of the most anticipated events of the year, at least in my house, is upon us.

On June 17, dads old and new, as well as granddads, are singled out for all the things they do throughout the year. Many Dads are unsung heroes diligently fulfilling their responsibilities, not looking for recognition or accolades, simply trying to maintain a secure and happy environment for their families.

All you dads out there, have you ever asked yourself what your family would do without you? Think of the myriad of things that would not get done. Who would take out the garbage, change the snow tires, fix the little broken things around the house? Help with homework, comfort tears of sadness, come up with the extra $20, put gas in the car, chauffeur the kids at all hours, get up to go to the rink at 5 am for hockey practice, eat the leftovers, drive the 26 hours to Florida, run to the depanneur at night to pick up milk, talk to the school principal, fix the computer, magically pay the bills, give up the umbrella, feed the goldfish, walk the dog in the snow and rain, unblock the toilet, watch a chick flick, teach the kids how to ride a bike and play catch, put things away when no one is looking and say the kids did it.

Take the last shower with no hot water, bake Pillsbury cookies, start the fire in the fireplace, brew the early morning coffee, pick up the newspaper, mow the lawn, char the meat on the barbeque …

Dads and granddads: Take the day off. Sleep in and let someone else deal with all the things you do. Smile in appreciation when you receive those cards with the antique cars and fishing poles on them. Enjoy that new power tool and driver.

You’ve earned it.

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