Caring for someone with dementia? Tips for successful activities at home

By Centre Évasion

Activities are important to all of us. Regardless of your age or cognitive ability, they are essential to people’s psychological and physical wellbeing. Just like you, your loved one needs them to feel fulfilled.

Recently recognized as one of l’Appui National’s Top 20 Inspiring Projects in the province, Centre Évasion is well known for having a unique take on respite and activity planning. To help you craft activities that your loved one will enjoy, here are a few tips that were proven to be helpful to our team.

Use your life story together as a starting point

Pick an activity that brings meaning, purpose, joy and hope to your loved one. Reminiscing important milestones, achievements and accomplishments can be a great activity to do together. Simple daily activities, such as house chores, can also be a great way to give a sense of purpose.


Almost any activity can be modified to fit a person’s changing abilities. It is very important to focus on what the person can still do. Dividing an activity into manageable steps can be of great help to avoid frustration and guarantee success.

Be aware of your verbal and non-verbal communication 

  • Always compliment words with non-verbal communication
  • Validate, reassure & redirect
  • Send one message at a time
  • Listen and keep language simple and concrete

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Due to the loss of capacities, engaging in social activities can prove challenging and lead people in new directions. A new pastime might just be what your loved one needs to find joy again. Artistic and creative activities can be a great way to express their own emotions. Music can be touching and comforting to people, as well.

Focus on the process, not the result

The end result is secondary; the time you spend together, that’s what matters the most. Try to focus on having fun.

When in need, ask for help

Centre Évasion is dedicated to help caregivers by providing them the respite, support and care they need. If you need help taking care of a loved one, contact our team at 514 738-5151 or by email at

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