Campaign exposes accessibility barriers for disabled

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A national campaign from the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) is calling for improved physical accessibility for people with disabilities in an unusual way. The campaign shows people with disabilities enjoying activities, going on a date, or shopping.

The aim is to point out that the disabled — including those using mobility aids, or who have vision and hearing loss — still lack access to public places such as gyms, restaurants, and shops.

“Many people don’t realize there are still a number of accessibility barriers that people with disabilities and mobility

challenges face,” says Rick Hansen, 58 and CEO of the foundation.In 1985, Hansen, paralyzed in a car accident at 15, embarked on a 26-month, 40,000 km Man in Motion wheelchair tour of 74 countries to raise awareness about disabilities.

According to the foundation, when people with disabilities can live more independently, financial strain on health and welfare systems decreases.

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The facts

•3.6 million Canadians (1 in 7)
report having a disability, according to Stats Canada. By 2036, this number is expected to jump to 1 in 5
•90% of Canadians believe accessibility is a human right, not a privilege.
•86% believe Canada should be a leader in removing barriers.

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