Boys With Cars is all about girls

Boys with Cars, Geordie Productions first play of the season, is not really about cars, or directly about boys, for that matter.

It revolves around the coming-of-age conflict and desires for fulfilment of Naznin, a classically trained Indo-Canadian dancer who tries to find balance in her traditional heritage, relationships with boys, dreams of leaving small-town British Columbia for the big city, even as she seeks to accommodate her nemesis, the local sweetheart named Candice.

In the play, writer-dancer-choreographer Anita Majumdar plays both female parts, and weaves its various themes in a comic and fun-filled framework of traditional Indian, Bollywood, and Hip Hop dance.

Originally conceived 13 years ago, when she was at the National Theatre School, Majumdar recently won two Dora awards for her work. Though she says none of the plotlines reflect her own experience, “13 years’ worth of thoughts, joy, rage, hair-pulling frustrations – my story – is embroidered into these stories.”

Directed by Brian Quirt, the play opens Nov. 24 at the Monument National’s Studio Hydro Quebec, 1182 St. Laurent Blvd., and runs until Dec. 2. It is suitable for teens and adults. Tickets range from $13.50-$19.50. Info: 514-845-9810.

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