BOOM! A one-man time capsule with Rick Miller

Photo by Paul Lampert

If you were born between 1945 and 1955, you’re what I call a baby boomer. Yes, I know, those born before or after like to think of themselves as boomers, but truthfully, there’s something about growing up in those years, that makes you a prime audience for the latest hit at the Segal — BOOM, a one-man show that plays until April 10. If you’re a boomer or would be a boomer, you’ve got to see it!

Where do I start? Rick Miller is the playwright, director and performer of many characters, including his own mother, who is a true boomer. He takes the cake as the most versatile, talented, flexible actor I have ever seen. He switches hats, roles and voices quicker than we know what or whom he’s switching to.

The show uses our modern technology to portray the technology of that era, including radio and TV, the first of many boxes that personified the 1950s.

Watch a clip of Ed Sullivan interviewing Fidel Castro following the overthrow of the corrupt Batista regime. Relive the day John Kennedy died, the end of our innocence.

The title BOOM is multi-faceted, referring to the threat of nuclear war, the Cold War and the fear we lived with growing up, thinking that hiding under our desks would save us from destruction.

History, humour, headlines, nostalgia, and magical effects all make up the set that is at once a canvas, a movie screen, a record, a rocket, a cigarette, and a stage for the three characters Miller plays. He takes us through the end of the 1940s into the 1950s and 1960s in two whirlwind hours of a magical mystery tour.

And the music! This guy can sing, play various instruments, and mimic our favourite singers including Janis Joplin and his mother singing Joni Mitchell’s Circle Game. He can also do Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson, our own prime ministers and Winston Churchill, while bringing in references to Montreal and Canada today.

Experience Rick Miller in all of his many personas. Until April 10, 2016 at the Segal Centre. Tickets: 514-739-7944

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