Barbara Moser in self-isolation: People are waiting to help you. Just ask

To my dear readers,

Today I include messages from organizations and later this afternoon, watch for a contribution from Irwin Block.

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With a little help from my friends

Yesterday afternoon after I had posted my blog, I got a call from my landlord, Simon Tellier, who lives upstairs. We were lucky to find Simon and he was lucky to find us. We’re a good match. When we need help with the television or anything else Simon comes down. Yesterday, his voice seemed emotional as he said something like this on the phone:

“I know you are both over 70. I am under 70. I want you to know that anything you need I can get for you. Any help you need, I am willing to provide.”

I broke into tears. There was something so touching about his offer. He was thinking of us, not as tenants, but as friends, and he was offering whatever he could.

This got me thinking.

Are there other Simons out there offering help to neighbours and friends who are “over 70.”

Do you need help? Are you alone and worried about going out? Can you call a friend or neighbor and ask for help? Hopefully friends and family will help you but they may not know your needs. Make the first move. Ask for help from younger friends and neighbours if you need it. They don’t have to enter your house or apartment and have tea with you. Just accept what they bring you at the door.

Some numbers to call in the meantime:

Sun Youth: 514-842-6822

Tel Aide: 514-935-9105

Elder Aide Associates: 438-390-3705

Volunteer West Island:

The radio has become my new best friend. I can listen to the news every half hour. And the radio is easy to turn on and off and easy on my eyes, which are dry and itchy from all the computer work I am doing. If you’re not a radio person, become one. Let’s go back to the 50s!

From Sun Youth:

Sun Youth Organization will continue to offer its emergency services throughout COVID-19 by appointment only. With reduced staff and volunteers due to self-confinement measures and school and daycare closures, Sun Youth’s food bank, medication program, fire program and other emergency services will continue to help disadvantaged Montrealers. Special measures and protocols have been put in place to avoid the propagation of the virus throughout this operation. Our seniors club activities have been suspended. We expect an increase in demand for our emergency services due to layoffs to come or reduced work hours and we intend to be there for Montrealers in need. In addition to the increase in hygiene and safety measures implemented over the past week, a telephone screening system will be put in place to identify potential cases of infection. Service will be given out at the entrance of Sun Youth to limit circulation and time spent waiting inside the building. In addition, we will increase our home delivery service if needed.

From West Island Community Shares:

West Island Community Shares is setting up a West Island Solidarity Fund. Most of the 41 community organisations supported by Community Shares, have very little resources to fundraise, and even less to fundraise during these difficult times. We want to make sure that crucial services are available for those who need it.

Charities and community groups are dealing with the effect of COVID-19 in two ways: impact on their services (now and later), as well as an impact on their ability to fundraise. Knowing that all of our community organisations will be financially impacted by COVID-19, we are inviting the west island community to support their neighbours in need.

Info:; Donations:

From Adath Israel synagogue:

The B’nai Brith Music Brunch for Seniors on March 22  at Adath Synagogue is cancelled. B’nai Brith Bingo on April 23 is also cancelled.

From Ami-Quebec:

Due to the spread of Coronavirus in our region, in an effort to protect our clients, staff, volunteers, and community, AMI-Quebec is suspending all in-person activities until further notice. Most of our programs and services will continue by phone or internet. Go online for details. This is a difficult time. We hope to be as supportive as we can during this outbreak. If you have any questions, call at 514-486-1448.


What a difference a day makes!

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  1. Liat Lev Ary Goldstein | March 16, 2020 at 1:28 pm | Reply

    My spouse and I are also willing to help pick up groceries and meds. We will be very happy to help people in NDG, CDN, CSL, Hampstead, Westmount and Montreal (near these areas) areas.

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