Aquatic Centre showcases art


The Côte St. Luc Aquatic Centre will be transformed till June 17 into an art gallery, showcasing the work of students from the painting, pastel and stone sculpture classes offered by George Deligeorge.

Frameless canvases hung on invisible thread on light grey panels unify and harmonize the numerous works on display.

As a prelude, you are greeted by the smaller paintings and sculptures, safely and beautifully displayed behind glass. When you move through to see the other works, a picture of two cowboys, expectant and wondering, greets you.

As in music, the last painting you see is a return to the beginning, with two cowboys sitting on horseback, the sunset blazing behind them. But in between these images that frame the exhibit, we find scarlet poppies, jeans with personality hung out to dry, inspired renderings of existing paintings, wildlife and a huge ice cream cone ready to drip.

According to the instructor’s notes, some of the art took under a year to create, whereas others have been in the making for several years.

Some of the works are more polished than others, but as the eye wanders from canvas to canvas and back, each work becomes an invitation to share another human being’s personal vision.

And the range of what is looked at, seen and captured is stunning, exciting and joyful.

Côte St. Luc Aquatic Centre, 5794 Parkhaven. 514-485-6806.

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  1. Is this the same George Deligeorge from st mary magdelin elementary?

  2. Kristine Berey | February 3, 2018 at 12:37 am | Reply

    yes,the one and only

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