Al fresco dining is a hallmark of summer

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This Father’s Day—or any day—there’s nothing quite like eating in the sun or shade of cafés in Westmount Village on Sherbrooke between Victoria and Claremont.

Foumagerie, with more tables outside than in, will satisfy your palate with their array of sandwiches and salads, all made fresh and on the spot. Sandwiches include such delicacies as smoked salmon, roast beef, artichoke and cheddar. My favorite is the Mediterranean with Monterey Jack cheese, foumagerie sauce, artichoke hearts, capers, black olives and lettuce. My favorite salad? The combined Greek and Caprese with bocconcini, celery rémoulade, tomatoes and pepper.

Their cheeses are sold by the kilo or pound, and they offer fresh baguette, boxed pasta and sauces. You can eat lunch while planning what to take home for dinner. They offer a daily special of a sandwich and salad or soup and coffee. We often share a salad and sandwich. Their gazpacho is the talk of Westmount and there is a plentiful variety of vegetarian soups. You have to stand in line during weekends, but service is fast. 4906 Sherbrooke, corner Prince Albert.

Cavallero is one of my favourite venues, offering delicious sandwiches/paninis, exotic mushroom and artichokes to go with them, even homemade pasta dishes. I love their wet cappuccino but don’t ask me exactly what is in it. There are also frozen pastas to take home for dinner, with homemade sauce and some of the best olive oils and balsamic drizzles in town. Cavallero is known to the Jewish community for their holiday challahs—definitely the best in Montreal. Of course, they are not for the strictly kosher crowd. 4865 Sherbrooke.

Unfortunately, Cavallero doesn’t have washrooms. Fortunately, Davids Tea next door allows you to use theirs. While I’m there, it’s hard to resist an iced tea and a cupcake. What a selection and so much fun to watch them make it while tasting the tea of the day. And Cavallero doesn’t mind you bringing your tea in to go with your sandwich. I guess the adage “good fences make good neighbours” doesn’t apply here.

Next issue, I will continue with my take on other outdoor cafés along the street. In the meantime, don’t miss the fabulous street fair along Sherbrooke from Victoria to Claremont and beyond from June 15-17. Happy bargain shopping!

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