A rabbinic view of human rights in Israel

When Jews from around the world join hands with Palestinian Arabs in their annual fall olive harvest, it helps build co-existence and mutual understanding.

This is one of several activities initiated by Rabbis for Human Rights in the West Bank, occupied by Israel since 1967, and within the Green Line to help the disadvantaged and fight discrimination.

“Our presence provides protection against possible settler intimidation and enables farmers to pick within the limited number of days that they can do so,” the group says.

To publicize and increase support for these activities, the Canadian Friends of Rabbis for Human Rights is sponsoring an evening with its president, Rabbi Arik Ascherman.

He will speak on A Rabbinic View of Human Rights Issues in Israel on Nov. 16, 7 p.m. at the Gelber Centre, 5151 Côte Ste. Catherine. Suggested donation is $10.

Issues he’s expected to address include the recent war in Gaza, urban planning in areas of the West Bank under full Israeli control, efforts to relocate Negev Bedouin into fixed settlements, anti-poverty efforts and the treatment of African asylum seekers.

Info: friendshrmtl@gmail.com or 514-489-5651

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